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A short history of Tulketh Hall – in search of Preston’s long lost castle.
Author - Kim Travis,  Blog Preston.
Very interesting article on how the River Ribble had a influence on Ancient buildings built around Preston.

Did you know that Preston once had a royal castle? That the same site was also the original location of that great medieval house of God – Furness Abbey? That located here for over 800 years was an ancient hall? And it is rumoured Romans used this now unassuming part of Ashton, as a Specula (lookout post) and Horreum (granary)

There probably isn’t another site in Preston and its surrounding area that has such a long and interesting history as that of the land which contained Tulketh Hall, which was recklessly demolished in 1959. Now the site is mostly forgotten, and few know of its fascinating past.

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The site is currently the location of the recently closed Star Youth Club and the surrounding park, plus the car park of James Mercer. It’s hard to imagine now, but this was once a prime defensive and docking point on The River Ribble, its hillside location providing a glorious vantage point looking towards Preston eastwards and ships coming in from the Irish Sea in the West. Indeed the name Tulketh means “good landing” in Danish and old English, suggesting the site was active in Saxon times. The Ribble was re-routed with the building of the Docks in the 1880s, but prior to this flowed past the bottom of the hill on which the Hall was built – down the current Watery Lane.  In medieval times, river landing points were very prestigious, hence all the great medieval houses with landing points on The
Thames in London.

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